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We have 17 years in the area of Information Technology providing training to our customers.  We are given you the choice of receiving your training needs online or in a class room setting.  We can come to your office to provide you the techniques you need to perform your duties with efficiency and to set your organization among the winners in your industry.

For non profit-organizations looking to conduct fund-raising, train volunteers and explore the world of potential donors, SKG Consulting is the place for you.  We have been training individuals in the humanitarian affairs field for the past 5 years.  We have trained field workers to assist in disaster relief and assistance. 

Remember you cannot have a productive workforce without training.  Your staff members may have degrees in their respective field of speciality but it is important to train them keeping them abreast of the new developments in technology and in business.  Doing so will help you achieve IT and business alignment that most organizations have found difficult to achieve due to a lack of training.